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Jonathan has cultivated a culture of luxury through artistry and a spirit of creativity. Every piece designed at Jonathan K & Co is a work of art designed to last a lifetime. Come explore some of the world’s most brilliant diamond jewelry. One of a kind custom made jewelry designed and developed to match every element of your taste and lifestyle. 


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Only The Finest

Quality– We believe the craftsmanship of your jewelry should match the pristine brilliance of the diamonds set within it.

Unique – Your dreams, input and demands are the driving factors in this process. Modern, classic, eclectic, … together you and I will create your piece of art that you will wear with pride.

Personal – When strangers stop you to admire your jewelry, you can tell them that every element from design, to materials, and construction were all selected by you.

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Create your own unique piece of jewelry to fit your own personal style. 

Diamonds in Sacramento

Certified Diamonds

We offer only the finest GIA certified diamonds specializing in 2ct and up. 

About Jonathan K. & Co Fine Jewelry

A Jewelry Store in Sacramento

Jonathan has a rich history in the jewelry business. As an adolescent, he began his journey at his family’s jewelry store, training as a bench jeweler from the age of fourteen. He continued on as a diamond salesperson, learning the ins and outs of the competitive diamond industry, and turned entrepreneur when he opened Executive Jewelers in Folsom, CA. After nine years in Folsom he became the Director of Operations at Michael Greene & Co in Sacramento, Ca, which led him to opening Jonathan K & Company. He has traded the hustle and bustle of a large retail atmosphere for close relationships and one-on-one interaction with his most beloved clients.

Throughout the years of building the business, Jonathan & his wife Kim have built a thriving family and have two beautiful children. Jonathan aims to communicate his integrity and expertise with every client interaction.

“Not only do we empower our clients, we offer you transparent, reliable, and comparable information to do your due diligence. The perfect engagement ring may not exist in a display. It can be custom made with you, for you.”

A Personal Jewelry Experience

You deserve individual service and attention as well as a unique piece of custom made jewelry. Jonathan K. makes his pieces for the quality conscious, highly discerning jewelry lover and connoisseur. Every piece of jewelry tells a story. Tell yours with Jonathan K & Co. Fine Jewelry today.

Why Choose Jonathan K. & Co. Fine Jewelry?

Jonathan K. believes in thinking differently and challenging the status-quo. This is achieved by designing pieces to fit the unique needs of each individual client. Jonathan K. makes the highest quality, most elegant, comfortable, and functional jewelry. Jonathan K. pieces will not just become the centerpieces of your jewelry collection, they will showcase your personal values and esthetic. Our pieces will be noticed by your friends and family. They will be items you wear with pride for the rest of your life.

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