Why Jewelry is a Wise and Practical Valentine’s Gift Choice

Ladies’: Here’s some ammo to help you convince your special Valentine why they would be making a wise and surprisingly practical gift choice this year, if they choose to lavish you with fine jewelry (wink)! Let’s face it; the traditional alternatives are anything but long lasting, nor sensible. Flowers, candy, and greeting cards are sweet, but they can be very pricey and the pleasure is fleeting. Just for fun, let’s compare them!

Let’s start with candy; Yikes! Many of us have just gotten off to a successful start with our New Years resolutions, to reverse the damage caused by all those Holiday treats. Do we really want to receive a two-pound box of chocolate and have it staring us down at our desk, tempting us to devour it and negate all our hard work at the gym? After all, we hate to have it go to waste! Instead of a gift packed with calories and cavity potential, wouldn’t it be preferable to receive something non-perishable and complimentary to your current efforts? You already are looking great; why not enhance it with a beautiful piece of jewelry that can last for generations instead of “a moment on your lips a lifetime on your hips”? Useful Ammo #1: Convince your sweetheart how supportive he would prove to be if he bought you jewelry instead of candy (wink).

Next, let’s tackle flowers. Yes, they are beautiful; and assuming you don’t have allergies, many varieties smell lovely. But, is this really a good value? Long stem red roses can cost a small fortune and are guaranteed to wilt within a few days. Compare that with fine jewelry, which is heirloom quality and can be cherished for a lifetime. Useful Ammo #2: Jewelry gives a much better return on your investment, in long lasting beauty and pleasure that is!

Finally, let’s discuss the commercial greeting card. Have you priced them lately? Are you kidding me; it’s paper! Why not save the trees by avoiding these mass-produced messages? Useful Ammo #3: Reassure him that expressing sentiment is vital and appreciated on valentine’s day, but request he write a little love note or whisper a sweet nothing in your ear and put the savings towards a beautiful piece of jewelry that truly says it all (right ladies?)!


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